My time at Launch School (so far)

Weston Ludeke
2 min readMar 7, 2023
image via afgprogrammer on Unsplash, used under a Creative Commons license

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In January 2020, I embarked on a journey with Launch School to pursue my dream of becoming a Software Engineer. Three years later, as I near the end of the program (I’m currently in the final course as of March ‘23), I can confidently say that it has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of my life.

Before joining LS, I was contemplating the idea of going back to school for a Post-Bacc in Computer Science or pursuing an MSCS. I also looked at several boot camps and various online learn-to-code resources (such as the Odin Project and FreeCodeCamp). However, LS’s self-paced program with its flexibility and focus on mastery of the fundamentals won me over, especially as I had been working full-time until recently and didn’t want to leave my day job (as of this writing I’m working part-time).

Being on the slow path as a student has been a challenge, but being self-paced has allowed me to deal with any personal things that have come up during my studies. LS’s flexibility has also allowed me to go at my own pace and has allowed me to adjust my schedule as needed. The program’s focus on mastery of the fundamentals of software engineering has taught me how to learn things deeply and thoroughly to a level I never previously thought possible.

I was a subpar student in college in an unrelated field (marketing), so a big part of my LS journey has been learning how to learn, while also helping me deconstruct and rebuild my studying habits. The program’s emphasis on understanding the fundamentals and building a strong foundation has given me the tools to become a confident and competent programmer. I have not only gained mastery over the languages and technologies taught in the program (such as Ruby and Javascript), but also the ability and confidence to learn new languages and skills in the future.

Most importantly, LS has given me the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a Software Engineer. Today, I know I have the skills and knowledge to succeed in this field, and I’m excited about the opportunities.

In conclusion, my time at LS has been an incredible learning experience. It has challenged me, taught me how to learn, and given me the skills and confidence to pursue my dream career. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program and look forward to what the future holds!